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My name is Larry Atkins and I want to briefly share with you the genesis of Abundant Life Church. While serving at the church I belonged to since childhood, God began to reveal to me that my season there had ended. This revelation both frightened and exhilarated me. Frightening because I was comfortable and the future was unknown.  Yet exhilarating because God was choosing me to accomplish something for Him.

I begin to fervently pray and seek God's will and through my diligence he revealed to me that He wanted to begin a new ministry through me. I was overwhelmed, full of expectancy, pregnant if you will. Again this feeling of fear and excitement began to swell inside of me. The anticipation intensified as thoughts of the work required to nurture a church from birth became real to me. I knew nothing about planting or pastoring a church. However, I became confident when I remembered,


"He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ;"

(Phil 1:6 NKJV).

With eagerness, I hasten to be about my Father's business. Together with four families including my own, I held a meeting with them and shared my vision for planting a church. Gratefully we were blessed with five, so the seven of us started a home bible study group. Rapidly we outgrew the home, but a blessing in numbers caused a dilemma with space. I now understand more personally the meaning of a ram in the bush. Just as it  appeared that we would burst at the seam from growth, a new family joined and brought with them a connection that allowed us to quickly and reasonably move into the place we are currently located. Today, we are approximately 140 strong for the Lord and continually growing! Praise the Lord for the things He has, is, and will do!

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